Mastering Azure Cloud for .NET Developers

Become an expert in cloud computing with real-world projects

Course Summary

The "Mastering Azure Cloud for .NET Developers" course is designed to equip .NET developers with the knowledge and skills needed to leverage Microsoft Azure for cloud computing solutions. Led by industry expert, this comprehensive course covers essential concepts, practical exercises, and real-world examples to help developers master Azure cloud services seamlessly.

Key Topics Covered: 

1. Introduction to Azure: Understand the basics of Microsoft Azure, its key features, and benefits for .NET developers.

2. Azure Fundamentals: Learn core concepts such as Azure subscriptions, resource groups, and Azure Resource Manager (ARM).

3. Azure Infrastructure Services: Explore Azure Virtual Machines (VMs), Virtual Networks (VNets), and Azure Storage solutions.

4. Azure Platform Services: Dive into Azure App Services, Azure Functions, and Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) for scalable application development.

5. Data Storage and Management: Discover Azure SQL Database, Azure Cosmos DB, and Azure Storage options for data storage and management.

6. Security and Compliance: Understand Azure security features, identity management with Azure Active Directory (AD), and compliance standards.

7. Monitoring and Optimization: Learn how to monitor Azure resources, analyze performance metrics, and optimize costs.

8. DevOps with Azure: Implement DevOps practices using Azure DevOps, CI/CD pipelines, and infrastructure as code (IaC) with Azure Resource Manager templates.

9. Case Studies and Hands-On Labs: Apply the acquired knowledge through practical exercises, case studies, and hands-on labs to build real-world Azure solutions.

Who Should Enroll: 

-> .NET developers seeking to enhance their skills in cloud computing with Azure.
-> IT professionals interested in transitioning to Azure cloud technologies.
-> Software engineers looking to develop scalable and resilient applications on the Azure platform.


-> Basic understanding of the .NET framework and C# programming language.

-> Familiarity with web development concepts such as HTTP, RESTful APIs, and web servers.

-> Some experience with cloud computing concepts is beneficial but not required.

Upon completion of the "Mastering Azure Cloud for .NET Developers" course, participants will:

-> Gain a comprehensive understanding of Azure cloud computing services and their applications.

->Acquire hands-on experience in deploying, managing, and optimizing Azure resources.

-> Develop the skills needed to design and implement scalable, secure, and reliable cloud solutions using Azure.

-> Be well-prepared to pursue Azure certifications such as Azure Developer Associate or Azure Solutions Architect.

This course provides a solid foundation for .NET developers to harness the power of Azure cloud computing and advance their careers in cloud technology. Join us on a journey to unlock the full potential of Microsoft Azure for building innovative and scalable applications.

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Meet Our Author

Mohammed Jaleel Ahmed

Microsoft Certified Solutions Architect

Jaleel Ahmed is a Microsoft Solutions Architect. He has been designing enterprise applications in the Microsoft stack for past 15+ years. He works in a remote team environment and utilizes agile development processes to deliver solutions for complex & evolving businesses.

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