Azure Cosmos DB - NoSQL DB For Busy .Net Developers

Azure Cosmos DB – Non-Relational Database | Microsoft Azure

Course Summary

Introduction to COSMOS DB

Introduction, Non Relational, Horizontal Scaling, Data Modeling, Partition Key, Embedding Entities, Referencing Entities, Document Limit, Data Modeling.

Create Cosmos DB, Cosmos DB Emulator, Attaching to Storage Explorer, Create Container (Table),  Migrate SQL Data  to Cosmos DB, Json Uploads, Querying.

Insert Item in Container, Update Item, Retrieve All Items, Retrieve Items with filters.

Course Curriculum

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Mohammed Jaleel Ahmed

Microsoft Certified Solutions Architect

Jaleel Ahmed is a Microsoft Solutions Architect. He has been designing enterprise applications in the Microsoft stack for past 15+ years. He works in a remote team environment and utilizes agile development processes to deliver solutions for complex & evolving businesses.

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