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Course Description

 Answering couple of questions for you...

Who is The ASP.Net Full Stack Web Developer?
A Full Stack Developer has knowledge of both front end and back end technologies. The front end is the visible part of the application that users interact with which includes HTML5, Bootstrap 5, Typescript And Angular 13. The back end includes the server ASP.Net Core 6  Web APIs, database EF Core 6 On MS SQL Server, and application programming language C#.Net Core that power the front end. You may think of a ‘stack,’ in the term full stack, as the layers of technology used to create a complete application.

How To Become A Full Stack Web Developer?
Our 12-Week Coding Bootcamp is the fastest and most efficient way to become a Full Stack Web Developer. Coding bootcamps typically teach both technical skills and career success skills which help you secure and grow in your jobs after bootcamp. Our Passout students are earning between 7000$ (5 Lacs) to 16000$(12 Lacs) Per Annum in India and between 15,000$ to 90,000$ Per Annum in overseas. (The average base salary in the L.A. area is $72,309, according to Glassdoor.com)

Is this a recorded session?
Yes, this is the recorded session from previous bootcamp batch.

What you will learn?
We’ve been teaching people how to code since 2007 and are committed to excellence. you will be able to:

    • Use MS SQL with real time database designing techniques, Writing complex Joins Queries, Stored Procedures, Functions, Views, Transactions, Triggers and lot more.
    • Code using C#.Net Core Programming with .Net Framework, ,Net Core And .Net Standard Libraries. Implement Inheritance, Runtime Polymorphism, dlls, Generic Collections with LINQ.
    • Write data access logic using Entity Framework Core Code First Approach with Class Design Techniques Using 3 Layered Approach for accessing database using Unit of Work, Iterator, repository, dependency injections, design patterns.
    • Learn Basics Of Web Development With HTML5, Bootstrap 5, JavaScript, TypeScript On Visual Studio, Various Events, Stand Alone Object/s And JSON List.
    • Implement And Consume First ASP.Net Core Web API, CRUD Operations With Entity Framework, Enhancing CRUD Operations using HttpMessageHandler, IHttpActionResult, Action Filters And Routing, Exception Handling, Dependency Injections And Identity Server For Authentication And Authorization,Cookies and JSON Web Token (JWT) based.
    • Design beautiful responsive single page app UI with Angular 13: TypeScript, Angular-CLI designing Components, project structure,Observables,HttpClient, Http requests (GET, PUT, POST), Configuring headers, Interceptors, Progress events, Angular Router, Angular Modules, directives and Pipes, Reactive Forms, State management.
    • Implement a live project with all the above technologies learnt with google social login and our full support using all of the above technologies that you have coded. Finally, we will host it live on Azure Cloud Services.

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Manzoor Ahmed Mohammed

Manzoor is a Microsoft Certified Trainer who has been working on MS .Net technologies for more than a decade. Apart from development he is also passionate about delivering training on various MS .Net technologies and he has 10+ years of experience as a software development teacher. He writes articles for code-project as well. His YouTube channel has 1 million hits. He is the founder of ManzoorTheTrainer portal.

"I focus on simplifying, complex concepts..." - ManzoorTheTrainer

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