Learn C#.Net Core From Scratch With Real World Examples

C# Programming with .Net Framework, ,Net Core And .Net Standard Libraries. Implement Inheritance, Runtime Polymorphism, dlls, Generic Collections withLINQ.

Course Summary

Q: Hey! I am new to programming and I don’t know C Language, Can I take this course?

A: Yes! you are at the right place. Here I am going to teach you programming from scratch. Even if you don’t know C programming language, you need not to worry. I will be starting from very basic concepts like what integer is, what string is, what double is and how to perform simple mathematical operations like addition, subtraction,multiplication and division. Then I will slowly take you to the real time world examples like with conditional statements and loops, which will make you ready to dive into the object oriented programming ocean.

We will be stepping into object oriented programming world with the real time objects students, bank customers, loans etc., And finally you will no more feel that you cannot do programming or object oriented programming.

We will be covering the following topics:

  • Basic Programming In C# - Control Structures
    • Introduction-Dll-Exe-Getting-Started-With-VS2017-Debugging (51:25)
    • DataTypes - Control Structures (Conditions, Switch Case and Loops) (49:28)
    • Arrays - ForEach - Structures - var Vs dynamic Types (57:27)
  • Basic Object Oriented Programming
    • Classes-Objects-Feilds-Methods-Constructors (44:40)
    • ConstructorsOverloading-thiskeyword-MethodOverloading-Properties-AutoProperties (56:13)
    • Static-Feild-Constructor-Property-Method-Class (32:44)
    • Namespaces-Dll-DotNetStandardLibrary (43:06)
  • Advanced Object Oriented Programming
    • Inheritance-baseKeyword-MethodOverriding (53:01)
    • SealedMethodsAndSealedClasses (12:21)
    • AbstractMethod-AbstractClass-RunTimePolymorphism (34:35)
    • Interfaces-PartialClasses-CollectionClasses-LINQ (37:26)
    • ExceptionHandlingAndAssigment (26:01)

Course Curriculum

Manzoor Ahmed Mohammed

Manzoor is a Microsoft Certified Trainer who has been working on MS .Net technologies for more than a decade. Apart from development he is also passionate about delivering training on various MS .Net technologies and he has 10+ years of experience as a software development teacher. He writes articles for code-project as well. His YouTube channel has 1 million hits. He is the founder of ManzoorTheTrainer portal.

"I focus on simplifying, complex concepts..." - ManzoorTheTrainer

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