The Complete Angular 8 Course With Live Project For .Net Core Web Developers

A Real Time Project On Angular 8 Using Web APIs Core And EF Core As Backend With Social Login And JWT Authentication With Azure Cloud Hosting...

Course Summary

 Why it does not cost less like other courses?(10 Reasons)
Belief me this is really a live project hosted here
I can challenge that the simplicity of concepts will bring tons of confidence in you. It's not all about a project, but it's all about my unique research work after having spent many sleepless nights.
Here I am listing out few points that you will hardly find in any $10 course.

  1. We will build 2 projects one is Organization Management System and other is ShortStory.
  2. Angular 8 + ASP.Net Identity + Cookie based authentication
  3. Angular 8 + ASP.Net Identity + JWT + Social Login for security (Authentication And Authorization)
  4. Asynchronous data access layer with Repository Design Pattern
  5. Integration Of ASP.Net user management With user defined database
  6. ASP.Net Core Web APIs working on Dependency Injections.
  7. Automated Batch file for creation Angular 8 project on the fly.
  8. Angular 8 registration form with image upload in a single request.
  9. Pie Charts, Bar Charts and Download data as .csv topics are super simplified.
  10. Finally pushing it to the live server is not a joke, I have spent 3 days and nights fixing production issues. What I am going to teach here.
So don't think too much it's cost is less than your degree cost, mobile cost and more over less than your salary for a month.
Note: At last you have one month money back guarantee if you are not satisfied, what else you need!
What can I do after completion of this course?
Business!!! Yes! you can do business!!!
In this course we are going to learn how to break requirements into objects and find relation among them. We will then learn coding models out of this objects and relationships. Moving forward we will also see how to design arch. of the project and implement various layers.
We are going to learn implementation of business object layer using POCO and data access layer using repository design pattern and Entity Framework Core Code First. We will use C#.Net to implement our business logic layer and wrap it up with ASP.Net Core Web APIs so that it can be consumed by any client.We will also learn injection Data access layer in Web APIs using Dependency Injection. All our actions are going to be asynchronous and returning data based in iterator design pattern.
We are also going to secure our Web APIs using both cookies and JWT based security approaches, where as user management is done base on latest ASP.Net Core Identity APIs.
For user interface we will see Angular 8, TypeScript, jQuery and Bootstrap 4. We will learn how bootstrap makes our application responsive.We will also see how to implement sorting, searching and paging. Moving ahead you will learn forms validations and business rules validations as well.We will have a beautiful dashboard with pie and bar charts.And many more things...
We will also learn how to publish it live on web.
This project is SS - Short Story is now live..

This Web-based system is designed to allow you to share any of your experiences as a short story. Short Story is a web portal where a user can share their personal short stories. Admin can approve or reject the story shared by the user and in each case an email is sent out to the user. Once the story is approved, it will be available on the portal for all the users to read it.
What are the requirements?(Should be good at)
  1. MS SQL Server
  2. Entity Framework Core
  3. ASP.Net Core Web APIs
  4. C#.Net
  5. Angular 8
  6. Visual Studio 2019
What is the target audience?
  • This course is for the web developers who want to learn layered architecture in SPA using Angular 8 and Web APIs Core.
  • Who wants to upgrade their profile with another real time SPA.
  • This course is not for freshers.
What are course Prerequisite?
  • EF Core
  • ASP.Net Core Web APIs
  • TypeScript

Course Curriculum

Manzoor Ahmed Mohammed

Manzoor is a Microsoft Certified Trainer who has been working on MS .Net technologies for more than a decade. Apart from development he is also passionate about delivering training on various MS .Net technologies and he has 10+ years of experience as a software development teacher. He writes articles for code-project as well. His YouTube channel has 1 million hits. He is the founder of ManzoorTheTrainer portal.

"I focus on simplifying, complex concepts..." - ManzoorTheTrainer

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